The Benefits of Studying a Tech Degree

For tech lovers, sometimes just dabbling in technology is not enough. Working in the industry itself is a dream for many, and it’s no wonder. Not only is it deemed to be an incredibly lucrative employment path, but the possibilities are endless in terms of which sector you fall into. You could become qualified with a tech degree, but end up working for an entirely unrelated sector. After all, most companies need technology to function, which means your skills will be incredibly far-reaching.

Affluent Career

Let’s get one of the most apparent benefits of working in tech out of the way first: it can be incredibly high-paying. It’s wise not to assume that your starting salary will be high; you may be on a graduate salary for a few years, depending on the company you work for. However, tech is an industry that has endless scope for career development which means that you won’t be at risk of your job stagnating — if you push for progression, of course.

Studying Opportunities

There are three main ways of studying for a tech career:

  • On the job
  • At a full-time university
  • As a part-time or online course

While tech may be a highly complex industry, the means of studying it are surprisingly flexible. For example, you can study a cyber security degree online, which means you can forge a path into this form of software development in your own time. That means you don’t have to ditch your job or find a way to make room for part-time studying.

The World Needs You

There are so few industries that don’t rely on technology; you can almost guarantee that you will be needed in some capacity wherever you go. This means there are a variety of industries open to you including:

  • Healthcare: modern medicine relies on computer systems, machines and other incredibly complex forms of technology. Your work could be vital to helping hospitals and surgeries to save lives
  • Government bodies: computer networks are needed to process public information and keep public services running. You could be a technician in a fire station or a government office
  • Gaming and creative industries: new devices and machines are constantly being developed to enhance users’ experiences
  • Private sector companies: having a technician who can solve a network or hardware issue will always be needed. Large companies employ hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, with many of them not being tech-literate. Whether you work in-house or as a freelancer is down to you

The real benefit of the world needing experts in technology and software is that the career choices are so diverse as a result. You might be surprised by the sectors that need your skills or indeed the companies that head-hunt you.

Solo or Group Work?

The nice thing about the tech sphere is that there’s room for both group work and solo work. Coders tend to work on their own, whereas software engineers, for example, will need to work as part of a larger team. If you are truly a lone wolf and would prefer to fall into a job that requires quiet, solo work, then you will find plenty of tech jobs to suit that desire. On the other hand, tech is also an industry that thrives on collaboration to advance which means that social butterflies are always welcome.

Room for Creation

Working in tech doesn’t mean you will always be fixing broken hardware or software. In fact, this industry is perfect for someone who has a real aptitude for design and creation. If you relish the idea of being able to look at the object or software you have created and be able to interact with it, specializing in one form of information technology could be the ideal career path for you. There are many ways of applying tech that will give you a palpable feeling of creation.

While money is of course one of the biggest benefits of studying a tech degree, don’t be fooled into thinking this is the most important feature. One of the most gratifying aspects of studying a tech degree is the diversity you will be exposed to. If you specialize in something as niche as cybersecurity, for example, you will still be in constant demand. Tech is also an industry that welcomes creativity and creators: those who love to design and produce a finished article will find this an incredibly satisfying industry to apply themselves to. The possibilities are truly endless, no matter what your strengths or weaknesses.

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