Skoufis Slams Governor’s Veto of PBM Accountability Bill

Statement from State Senator James Skoufis:

“With his veto tonight, Governor Cuomo inexplicably sided with drug company middle-men, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), instead of consumers and independent pharmacists. PBMs are engaged in highway robbery and S.6531, endorsed by the Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee’s investigative report, would’ve begun to reign them in. After a six-month long investigation, my team was able to provide data and evidence proving the necessity and urgency of this bill’s enactment.

“Over my tenure in the Legislature, I’ve heard plea after plea from mom-and-pop pharmacy store owners who are being strangled by a calculated and greedy industry; I’ve met with constituents whose medication prices have become untenable. It’s beyond disappointing that the Governor couldn’t follow through with the Legislature’s efforts to stand up against Big Pharma. I pledge to continue this fight so that New Yorkers aren’t choosing between keeping the lights on or paying for medication.”

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