The Best Ways to Enjoy Rockland County’s Beautiful Parkland

Whether you are a local or coming from further afield, the splendour of Rockland County’s parkland is a sight not to be missed. Being so close to New York city, outsiders would be forgiven for their disbelief that over 30 percent of the county is covered in parkland. To help you enjoy these wonderful environments as best as possible, here are some great ways to spend time in the county’s parklands.

  1. Enjoy the Water at Rockland Lake State Park 

For those water lovers out there, Rockland Lake State Park is the perfect destination. With a valid NYS fishing licence, anglers can fish for bass, perch or carp. For those after a little more activity, why not take advantage of the boat launches and take to the water. Or test out the parks new water complex that features a 25,000 square foot swimming pool.

  1. Get Lost in The Wonders of Harriman State Park 

The Harriman State Park is the second-largest park in the state, it contains, ‘31 lakes, reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails, two beaches, two public camping areas, a network of group camps, miles of streams and scenic roads, and a score of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points.’ With so much on offer, come and camp at this park, or make sure to tailor your hike to get your most desired sights.

  1. Take in The Natural Scenery on Horseback 

For those after who want to see the stunning environment but would like something a little more exciting than the traditional hike, following a horse trail could be the perfect option. Many of the Rockland county parkland’s feature fantastic horse-riding trails, such as Harriman State Park. When it comes to riding through parklands there are two options, either renting a horse from a local physicality or bringing your own.

If you are a rider who is planning on bringing their own horse, then due to the size of these parks and the varsity of animals they contain it is recommended the rider is fully in control of their animal and it’s required that riders have a good knowledge of safety and training. Downunder Horsemanship resources offer great advice for horse training and safety.

  1. The Views at High Tor State Park 

This park is a day-use facility that contains two peaks: High Tor that rises to 797 feet and Little Tor at 620 feet. Not only are these the highest peak of the park, but of all of the Hudson Palisades. Hiking to the peak of High Tor provides a stunning view of the Hudson River as well as the New York skyline.

  1. Cross Country Skiing 

Many of Rockland County’s Parklands, such as Bear Mountain Park and Harriman State Park have cross country skiing facilities. Gone are the days where eager skiers would have to trek through the snow to earn their downslope joys. Today, the Bear Mountain Park has all that you would expect from a modern ski resort and more. This includes chair lifts, rope lifts, stunning views, jumps and trails you can enjoy for miles and miles.

  1. Picnic at Nyack Beach State Park 

Visit Nyack Beach State Park, set yourself up at one of the parks picnic tables, sit back, relax and enjoy the 61 acres of riverfront views.

  1. Learn About the Area at the Museum and the Zoo 

Bear Mountain State Park is home to the Trailside museums and zoo. At the zoo, you can learn more about the natural involvement and the animals who inhabit it, as well as viewing an amazing array of aquatic creatures


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