How to Design the Perfect Pair of Glasses

If you have never worn glasses before, it can be frustrating to discover that you need to wear them all the time, and you might be wondering what type of glasses will fit your style. Fortunately, you can design every aspect of your new glasses so that they are tailored made for you.

Whether you have just learned that you need to start wearing glasses or if you have been wearing them already and just want to change things up, here are some of the ways that you can select and design your perfect pair of glasses.

Choose Your Lenses

Obviously, the reason for wearing glasses at all is to improve your vision. With that in mind, there are several different types of lenses to choose from that can affect your sight in different ways. Certain optometrists, like Trendy Eyes Optometry, give you the ability to pick your own glasses so that you can discover exactly what your preferences are for improving your vision.

From the material they are made from to the finishes they are given, your lenses can be completely personalized to fit your specific needs. For example, you can go with a lens made from polycarbonate that has an anti-glare finish or a plastic lens with a blue light-filtering finish. No matter what your preferences are, you can find the perfect lens for your visual need.

Pick a Frame Color

Before you start thinking about what shape the frame of your glasses should be, you should give some thought to the color that you want to go with. Depending on your personality, you might want to go with something bright and vibrant, like red or blue. For any everyday look, you could consider finding a neutral shade that compliments the color of your eyes. Another option is a classic black frame that can give you a polished and timeless look.

Consider also that you don’t necessarily have to go with a plastic frame for your spectacles. You might instead want to go with a sleek wireframe for your glasses. You can be creative with the color of wire-framed glasses, too, as they come in different types of finishes.

Find the Right Frame Shape

The frame shape you select will largely depend on the proportions and shape of your face. There is such a large variety of frames available that it can be hard to find the right ones for you. Among other things, you will want to take into account your brow line, hairline, and how close or far apart your eyes are set when you make your selection.

One of the best things you can do is to take your time. Find out what general shape will suit the structure of your face and try on a decent sampling of spectacles. Try not to become overwhelmed with all the options available to you, as that might cause you to make a panicked decision that you could later regret.


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