Dominicans celebrate independence day, in Spring Valley

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Hundreds of Dominicans living in Rockland County once again celebrated their native land’s independence this week. The first act was held at Haverstraw City Hall, where leaders and politicians attended to recognize several of its residents for their growth and great achievements within the Dominican community.

The flag act has been taking place since 2003-4, when the publisher of El Sol Newspaper, Mr. Ramón Soto, asked the Rockland County legislature at the time to be represented by the first Dominican legislator in the history of County Román Rodríguez. After approval by the County Legislature, thanks to the efforts of these two political and community leaders, attendees were able to carry out the raising of the Dominican flag in the Village of Haverstraw.

The event was organized at the Spring Valley New York City Hall, under the direction of Mr. Ramon Soto and Helga Lamarche with the Unidom organization, who marked the skies of this town with the tri-color flag. In the act, community leader Zahira Germosen was recognized as godmother of the act, godfather Franklin Rivers, former members of the group The New York Band, Leslie Rodríguez, who at her young age was able to reach the highest educational levels in mental psychology, the businesswoman Carmen Taveras, who has been preparing excellent community work; and La Casa de la Cultura directed by Julia Ureña.

Alan Simón, mayor of the village, was leading the events in recognition of the 176 years of celebrating the independence of that beautiful Caribbean country. Since Mayor Simon took over as mayor of Spring Valley it has been a citizen’s goal to recognize the idiosyncrasies of each migrant ethnic group, celebrating the culture of each country and this time it was up to the Dominican Republic.

Several civic organizations were represented by their leaders on this memorable date for the people of Quiche, among those organizations were representatives of the Lions, migratory, sports, religious and civic clubs, among which they expressed their approval. Mayor Simon was pleased that on this occasion it was possible to recognize the intrinsic value of Dominicans, people who in his opinion strive to make decent work their banner of community life, which for the authorities is an encouraging incentive.

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