Sending Thanks to All Those Fighting Coronavirus On the Front Lines

To the Editor,

Let’s all take a moment and ask ourselves this: “If our doctors and nurses, who risk their lives at the frontline of the novel Coronavirus pandemic can no longer perform their jobs, what happens to the rest of us?”

Doctors, nurses, home health aides, and caregivers are putting themselves at risk every day. They are the ones on the front-lines of this epidemic, risking their health every day to stop the spread of COVID-19 and treat the people who are battling this deadly disease. As more and more communities like ours are forced to confront the novel Coronavirus pandemic, let’s take a moment to show support and gratitude to those doctors, physician assistants, nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists, hospital staff, and other healthcare workers who are heroically serving at the frontline to save lives and stem the spread of the disease. These workers, who are most exposed to the scourge of the deadly virus, recognize the risks, but do their jobs anyway because service is in their DNA.

Individuals who are able self-quarantine and isolate themselves, trying to stay healthy and stop the spread of COVID-19. In stark contrast, our doctors and nurses are at the frontline of this pandemic, which from all indications is about to get exponentially worse. Not only do they face long working hours under enormous strain, dealing with severe supply shortages and tremendous risks for their own personal health, but they also do so at the risk of compromising the health of the loved ones they go back home to. If we, as a nation and a state, are to be successful at flattening the pandemic curve, we must keep the peak of cases as low as possible. Otherwise, as we’ve seen in other countries, it will become nearly impossible for our hospitals, doctors and nurses to keep up with the increase in cases.

So, this year, just as we praise police officers keeping us safe, firefighters running into fires, or our other brave first responders running towards danger, let’s also be sure to praise our healthcare workers for what they are facing and are about to face. Thank you from a grateful nation. You all are heroes.

Maureen Nicolich

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