Mondaire Jones is the Breath of Fresh Air we Desperately Need in NY-17

To the Editor,
Jamaal Bowman, who is running for congress in NY-16, has been receiving well-deserved media coverage. But there is another congressional candidate whose brilliance and potential to create necessary change should not be overlooked. This one is running to take over Nita Lowey’s seat in NY-17, and his name is Mondaire Jones. He has a shot at winning the primary on June 23rd. So do four other candidates, all of whom self-fund or take corporate PAC money, none of whom have the progressive agenda of Jones. Only bold and comprehensive environmental plans can be our saving grace before climate change is irreversible. I sometimes feel helpless, envisioning the burning, poverty-stricken world that could meet my children and grandchildren.
Now, as a resident of NY-17, I am directing all of my energy toward electing Mondaire Jones- the only congressional candidate in the district who supports a full Green New Deal. Like Bowman, he has been endorsed by AOC. He has also been endorsed by Warren and Sanders. Jones gives me hope. Aside from his environmental agenda, he was fighting for racial justice long before a congressional seat was up for grabs, working with the Spring Valley NAACP and the Rockland Coalition to End the New Jim Crow. He has a COVID-19 response plan that includes sending $2,000 monthly checks to every American, forgiving at least $10,000 of student debt per person, and extending cash assistance to the small businesses we love.
Although no one person can heal the planet and its people with the snap of a finger, the healing must begin now. Electing Mondaire Jones would be a great start.
Sarah Scheuer

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