Reasons Why You Might Need Extra Storage Space

Having a self-storage unit has become an extremely popular way of storing belongings – whether it be for moving to a new house, starting a new business or you have recently retired. During your lifetime, you’ll find there are numerous times when you need extra space to stash possessions either temporarily or on a long-term basis, and the good news is that it is as simple as booking a self-storage facility from the comfort of your own home. There are several reasons why you may find self-storage units useful – here are just a few that you may like to take into consideration:

1. Traveling
Nowadays, millennials have the ambition to go traveling during their gap year or after their studies before they settle down. If you don’t have family nearby and need to give up your accommodation while you’re away, finding somewhere to store all of your belongings can be tricky. However, the benefits of storage rental means that you have the peace of mind of storing possessions for as long as you need to, without worrying about security or paying rent on a property you’re not using.

2. Retirement
People tend to book a self-storage facility once they near retirement age. Due to the new lifestyle and lack of ties, they may decide to find a smaller place to live that’s nearer to relatives and requires less maintenance. However, with downsizing, comes the issue of not having enough space to bring along all of their sentimental belongings. Luckily, self-storage can be hired to store items that don’t fit in the new property but can be visited at any time.

3. Divorce
In the last few years, the number of divorces has dramatically risen. Once couples decide that they no longer wish to live together, the family home is likely to be put on sale, and each individual typically downsizes when the time comes to buy a new property. Again, they may have less space than expected, meaning that it is a necessity to find somewhere to stash possessions they have accumulated along the way – self-storage is usually the most popular option.

4. Business use
Businesses are one of the main customers of self-storage facilities. New businesses tend to start up from home, which can become a problem when there is a great deal of stock to store. While you may believe that it saves you some cash to carry to keep the inventory in cupboards around the home, it will start to become highly impractical. There may also be occasions where need to move office space, so you’ll need a temporary facility to store furniture and equipment during the transition period.

5. The passing of a loved one
Losing a loved one is an extremely sensitive time, and it can be challenging to decide what to do with their belongings until you feel ready to face the clear-out stage. Thanks to self-storage, you have a secure place to store possessions on either a temporary or long-term basis, until the time is right to sort through the boxes and make decisions about whether to keep or throw away items.

6. Moving to a new house
Moving to a new house can be an extremely stressful time; however, self-storage can come in useful during this time. You may be required to leave your current home for the new buyers and wait until you are given the move-in date for your new home. During the transition, it’s likely you’ll need to stay with friends or relatives, so holding your furniture and other possessions in storage is the most viable option.


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