John Eilermann St Louis – Reasons to Leave Your Hometown

For my great friend John Eilermann, St Louis was the place he was born, the place he grew up and the place where I always thought he would stay. It came as something of a surprise therefore when he accounted to me just ahead of his 45th birthday, that he felt it was the time to get out of his hometown and try somewhere new. this not only shocked me, but I was over the moon as I had been telling John for a very long time about why I thought it was a great idea to get away from your hometown, and experience something new.

John didn’t do this based on my advice of course, but he is certainly seeing what the world is like elsewhere, and here is why you should too.


There is something which becomes so very mundane about staying in the same place all your life, seeing the same faces, the same buildings and doing the same thing. Whether we realize it or not, there is a sense of boredom that comes from this and the result of that boredom is a complete unwillingness to change, to accept to change and try out new things. A mundane life eventually chokes the soul.

Open Your Mind

We can watch things on TV or see things on social media but it is not until you experience a new culture or system that you can actually open your eyes and your mind. Staying in a safe little bubble is not the way to open your mind and that can result in you having a very narrow view of the world, and encouraging any kids which you have to be the same. This of course is not to say that you have to move out to South Sudan in order to understand poverty, but it is about getting away from what is familiar and looking at a new way of living.

Unlocking It

When you stay in the same place with all of the same people that you’ve always known, there is no reason to test your personality or to see what skills or abilities you may have, as you will always play up to whatever reputation you already have. When you move somewhere new however, there is a part of you which you will be able to unlock and show to new people that you maybe never realized that you had. You can be whoever you want when you go somewhere new and meet different people, and that can unlock something inside you, a section of your personality, which perhaps you didn’t know that you had.

Ultimately we have to remember that the world is a huge place and there are opportunities absolutely everywhere. Given how easy it is to move around and relocate in the modern world, there really is no reason not to at least try moving your life somewhere else, to experience something different.

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