Skoufis Statement regarding Supreme Court Decision on State’s Right to Penalize Faithless Electors Skoufis bill would remove faithless New York electors

“It’s uncommon to see a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court get a decision right, but, on faithless electors, they did just that.

“It may be hard to imagine the outrage and chaos that would stem from rogue electors deciding the outcome of a presidential race, but, in 2016 alone, there existed seven faithless electoral votes, enough to have tipped three presidential elections in our nation’s history.

“Make no mistake: we ought to be choosing our President by way of the fundamentally democratic ‘one person, one vote’ rule and, thus, bypass or abolish the electoral college. In the meantime, however, New York’s Legislature ought to take immediately action on S.6886C to ensure none of our 29 electors replace the will and judgment of the people with their own.

“With our legislative session expected to continue in the months ahead, it is of paramount importance that we pass this legislation and avoid rolling the dice on the most important election in the free world.”

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