“Support our Police” Rally Planned for Suffern on July 12

SUFFERN, NY – Organizers have announced a “Support Our Police” Rally that will take place in the Village of Suffern on July 12, 2020 at 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Washington Avenue Soldier’s Monument and Triangle.

The following information is posted on the events posted on Facebook :

“In the midst of the ongoing turmoil, it is important that we get together and show our Police officers that we appreciate all that they do, and we know that most of them are good. caring, honest, and uphold the oath they took.

“We know the pressure and stress they endure daily, the risks they face daily, the good deeds they do that nobody knows about. Let’s gather in solidarity, bring your flags, wear your law enforcement support shirts, bring signs showing support.

“This will be a peaceful gathering, please wear your masks and adhere to social distance protocols as best as possible. Most importantly, remember we are hear for a positive rally, let’s keep it positive.”

11 am – Gathering
11:30am – National anthem followed by a moment of silence for all fallen police officers.
After that organizers plan a peaceful march down Lafayette Ave (Rt 59) till the end (Orange ave) where the rally will end.

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