Ramapo Police Department is investigating multiple car break-ins that occurred in the town last night. In all of the incidents, the suspects gained entry into the vehicles through unlocked doors. RPD would like to remind residents of the following tips to help prevent becoming a victim of a break-in.

RPD reports that the majority of car break-ins reported involve cars parked in the owners’ driveways that are unlocked. Officers advise that no matter where you park (i.e. home, gym, coffee shop, store or gas station) always lock your doors. This type of theft is usually a crime of opportunity.


GPS units, tablets, phones, laptops, and cash are tempting invitations for your car to be broken into. Secure the valuables in the trunk or take them with you. Visible loose change and gift cards are some of the most common items taken.


When parking at home, if possible, park in the garage or close to the house. The outside area should be well lit or have a motion light upon approach to the cars. Lock all doors and windows and remove valuables. It is also a good idea when parking at home to remove all keys and garage door openers from the car to prevent access to your home.

When parking in public, if possible, park in well-lit highly visible areas. During holidays or retail shopping days, lock packages and purchased items in the trunk. If you are going to continue shopping, you could move your car to a different location in case a thief has been watching the area.

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