County Executive’s Corner: “Getting Back to Work”

By County Executive Ed Day

Rockland County is now well into Phase 4 of the NY Forward reopening plan. The metrics used by NYS to determine our progress look very good with hospitalizations continuing to trend lower and plenty of hospital bed and ICU bed capacity.

We do continue to see a handful of new cases each day, which serves as a reminder that COVID-19 is still a concern and we cannot let down our guard. These cases are well within the ability of our Department of Health to do any investigations as it relates to contact tracing. This is the process we used to determine who may have been exposed to the disease so that they can take protective action to break the chain of transmission.

But as we continue to make progress towards reopening our economy safely more people are getting back to work. And for those working families who need assistance taking care of their children, help is available. The Child Care Subsidy program, operated by our Department of Social Services, is open and accepting applications for low income Rockland households.

We understand how vital it is for working families to have safe, affordable childcare in place. This is a growing need in Rockland, and it is through this type of program that Rockland will stay on track and keep moving forward.

The Department of Social Services receives $8.7 million in funding to provide childcare subsidies to working families at little or no cost. The program provides payments to safe and reliable licensed day care programs on behalf of families. The program covers full-time, part-time, after school, summer, and non-traditional hours.

This once again shows that we are doing everything possible within County Government to support residents and businesses and facilitate a reopening in line with our ‘Safety First, People Always’ motto. Having raised two children myself, I recognize the difficulties of working and managing childcare and this program goes a long way towards helping those most in need.

Families eligible for subsidies have income at or below 200% of the federal poverty threshold and the parent(s)/caregiver(s) must be working a minimum of 20 hours per week earning at least minimum wage.

200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart

June 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021

Family Size Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $2,126 $25,520
2 $2,873 $34,480
3 $3,620 $43,440
4 $4,366 $52,400
5 $5,113 $61,360
6 $5,860 $70,320
7 $6,606 $79,280
8 $7,353 $88,240

For family units with more than eight members, add $746 monthly or $8,960 annually for each additional family member.

To apply for a Child Care Subsidy, please call our Department of Social Services at 845-364-3797 to be prescreened and to receive an application. For additional information or general information about the program, you can call or email [email protected] or visit

I urge any eligible resident to apply so that you have the peace of mind that while you are at work, earning money to provide for your family, your children are safe at a licensed day care facility. This is how we get Rockland County back to work.

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