RCC Fall Semester Reopening Plan: A Blend of in-Person and Remote Learning

The State University of New York has certified the SUNY Rockland Community College Fall 2020 Restart Plan, and classes will begin on Tuesday, September 1.

“While New York has seen an encouraging drop in the number of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began in March, we will continue to be prudent while reopening the campus,” says RCC President Dr. Michael A. Baston. “Maintaining the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty while continuing to provide a high-quality education are our main priorities. To accomplish this, Rockland Community College will continue to provide mostly remote academic offerings. Laboratories, clinical experiences and other select courses will have in-person instruction and will follow social distancing and other health and safety guidelines, and students will continue to receive online support services. Finally, RCC will bring back on campus no more than 30 percent of its student, faculty, and staff population in an effort to reduce density at each of its locations.”

Classes: RCC has been in a tele-campus mode since mid-March. With the transition to Phase 4 for the Mid-Hudson region, RCC will begin to allow a maximum of 30 percent of the population on campus at a time. That means the majority of employees and students will continue to telecommute and receive instruction virtually and most meetings will be conducted electronically. In-person instruction is reserved for courses such as performance, laboratory, and clinical experiences and other select courses that cannot be measured or achieved remotely. All on-site classrooms will have a distancing plan in place. Students will only be permitted on campus for their classes and will be instructed to depart campus immediately after.

Face Coverings and Hygiene: CDC-approved face coverings must be worn at all times by everyone on campus when six-foot social distancing cannot be accomplished. Each student and employee returning to campus will be provided with two reusable face coverings. RCC also provides and maintains hand hygiene stations throughout the main campus as well as at the College’s off-site facilities. Ultraviolet technology will be used to disinfect items that cannot be touched by wet cleaning materials and Plexiglas screens have been installed in numerous locations where students must interact directly with campus staff.

Health Self-Monitoring: All employees and visitors must self-monitor their health every day prior to coming on campus. RCC will use the CampusClear app to review all data related to the self-monitoring of these individuals. Students will also be required to periodically self-report any symptoms based on whether they plan to be on campus as determined by their class schedule.

Food Services: The RCC cafeteria remains closed, but the Hawk’s Nest, located on the first floor of the Student Union, will be open on a limited basis. Online ordering will allow students, faculty, and staff to pre-order their food and beverages and reduce payment exchanges.

Transportation: Prior to the pandemic, each bus line for Transportation of Rockland stopped on the RCC campus. Currently, and going forward until further notice, the bus line has been rerouted to a location across the street from the main campus and visitors are not allowed on campus without permission. Students may continue to utilize public transportation and those who drive to campus are asked to have one person per vehicle. Those who cannot achieve this are asked to wear face coverings in their vehicle.

Extracurricular Activities: During tele-campus mode, the Student Involvement office has continued to provide virtual extracurricular opportunities for students. That will continue up to and until RCC receives guidance from state and local health officials that large gatherings may take place once again. The College will not hold sporting events in the Fall of 2020.

Full Campus Mode: Once it has been determined that the community spread of the COVID-19 virus is not expected to return and there is sufficient community immunity and availability of treatment, RCC will finally move into a full-campus mode. For additional information on reopening, visit www.sunyrockland.edu/reopeningplan

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