Most popular telenovelas for Rockland citizens to watch during lockdown

Most popular telenovelas for Rockland citizens to watch during lockdown. If you’re in Rockland and you are craving for new adventures and exotic contents on TV, this is for you. Here’s a list of the most popular telenovelas to watch during lockdown. ¿

Which are the most popular telenovelas? Telenovelas are one of the most searched Latin shows worldwide, ¿why? It’s all about the drama. This Latin soap operas are full of drama and overreacted situations that keep the audience entertained for an hour.

All telenovelas are focused on love and the stories have common topics with the most famous fairytales of all times. In the US, you can enjoy telenovelas broadcast by Telemundo and Univision. Some of the telenovelas are streaming on YouTube and Netflix where you can add subtitles in English. Before you watch all the telenovelas you want, be sure to become a pro by entering our site where you can learn everything you need about the actors and actresses performing on each show, new releases and classic telenovelas.

Here’s a list of the telenovelas currently on Telemundo and Univision apps and channels. 1- “Medicos, linea de vida” (Doctors, life line) “Medicos, línea de vida”, is a Mexican telenovela that follows the line of “Grey´s Anatomy”. A group of doctors working on a famous hospital in Mexico. Like all of us, they search for true love between personal issues, drama, and love triangles.

They also struggle with daily health problems and shocking circumstances that will keep you jumping off the couch on every episode. The cast for this amazing telenovela includes Daniel Arenas, Livia Brito, Rodolfo Salas, Grettell Valdez and Jose Elias Moreno among other great latin artists. 2- “100 días para enamorarnos” (100 days to fall in love) This telenovela broadcasts in Telemundo daily. “100 Days” is the story of two lifetime friends, Constanza, and Remedios, both of them are working and devote housewives.

One day, both decide to end their 20+ years of marriage and they start a pursuit of love. Remedios has a new opportunity when her highschool sweetheart comes back into her life and Constanza is not sure about the decision she should take. The desperate woman, talks with her husband, and both agree in taking a 100 days break to reanalyze their relationship and make a decision.

The cast of this telenovela are: Erick Elías, Ilse Salas, Mariana Treviño and David Chocarro. 3- “Betty in NY” Also, Telemundo offers “Betty in NY” it´s a modern version of the world-famous “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, written by the Colombian genius, Fernando Gaitan. “Betty in NY” tells the same story as “Ugly Betty” in a funnier and more sophisticated way.

This time, Betty lives in NYC and stars working on a huge fashion enterprise ruled by Armando Mendoza. You know the story, Betty and Armando fall in love but he is engaged to Marcela, Betty gets disappointed and leaves the enterprise, she meets a great man who helps her with an extreme makeover and fashion emergency change so she can come back and claim what´s hers. Elyfer Torres, Erick Elias, Sabrina Seara, and Aaron Diaz, are the main cast of this amazing telenovela.

These are some of the latin telenovelas you can watch if you love drama and you want to learn some Spanish while you get entertained.

Credits: Telemundo, Univison

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