Things to Consider When Applying to University

Going to university is quite a significant life choice and is one that you usually will make fairly early on, whilst you are still at school. However, it is not unusual for people to go to university later on in life, which can be due to reasons like changing their minds about their career or simply waiting until they are more financially stable. Either way, it is good to fully look into universities before you apply,

Finding the Right Course

There is an endless choice for courses at university, so it is definitely worth having a thorough look through all of the different possibilities and finding the one that is right for you. Traditionally, the courses that were offered at university consisted of the ‘classic’ academic subjects such as mathematics, English, sciences, and languages. Nowadays, you can do a degree in almost anything that you can think of; the options have grown and they have become far more niche than before. If there is nothing that you studied at school that particularly stood out to you, do not worry, since most degrees offered are definitely not subjects in school or even remotely similar. The best thing to do is to do your research and go to subject-specific talks at universities to find out what the curriculum consists of and how you will be examined.

Having A Backup Option

It is always good to have a few different university options rather than completely setting your heart on one, just in case your plans do not work out as expected or it turns out to be more competitive than you think. There is no shame in doing this; it is just a more practical way to go about things and it means that you will be sorted If things do not go your way. It is advised that you apply to some backup universities that have lower entry requirements, which will mean you are supported no matter what you achieve. You can also try and secure a place through the clearing system if you don’t achieve the required grades.

Deciding on A University

Most undergraduate degrees are three years, which is quite a significant proportion of your life to spend in one place. It is advised that you pick carefully when choosing which university to go to so that you get the best experience possible. For most people, this is their first chance to move away from home and live independently, so you ideally want to do this in a location that you feel happy and comfortable in. It is also good to consider the university itself as well as its location. If you are a high achiever and want to go to a prestigious university, you should consider looking into Russell Group universities, which are equivalent to Ivy League universities UK. Exeter is an example of a Russell Group university and it got its great reputation because it is one of the UK universities renowned for its research facilities. Different universities also often specialise in different fields or have specific reputations, so you should definitely try and find out as much as you can before applying, including going to various open days to explore all of your options.

Do You Need a Degree?

One of the principal reasons that many people are put off university is due to the fees. After doing a degree, it is true that you do end up in a lot of debt, but this can be worth it if you feel as though your degree was worthwhile and you feel a sense of achievement from it. On the other hand, however, you can also have a great career without a degree, and this does not always limit your life. If you have a clear sense of direction already, it is good to follow this and only go to university if it will benefit you. If there is a true interest in the degree, even if you are unsure where career you will go afterwards, then university probably is the right choice. If you feel you are going for the wrong reasons, however, such as feeling pressurized by family, then you may not feel that the fees are worth the outcome.

Getting a degree can be really fun, and university provides great social experiences as well. However, it is incredibly expensive and can be quite intense, so it is definitely worth looking into all of your options before certainly deciding on which university you want to go to, or whether you want to go at all.


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