Style and fashion leader Haj Gueye shares his insights on living a well-rounded life

The quality of a person’s life goes beyond the physical.  Mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health also matters.  Outside of their responsibilities and work, there are other important aspects that people must value.  One must pay attention to these parts to live a well-rounded life.  Maison de Haj Chief Creative Officer Haj Gueye shares the secret to leading an ideal life.

In his various pursuits and in managing his days, Haj starts with the end in mind.  He visualizes what he wants to achieve.  The thought leader explains, “I imagine how I wish to feel, perform and achieve.  Then I work backward, planning my schedule around fitness, nutrition, learning, and meditation.  This enables me to live and perform as my best self while feeling at ease in my own skin.” As a designer who genuinely cares about his clients, Haj believes that taking care of himself first will allow him to give the best for others.  This mindset goes beyond his work in fashion and can be seen even in his personal life and philanthropic efforts.

While each person is unique and has their own way of living, it is important to be acquainted with every aspect of one’s life.  Neglecting one part could affect a person’s overall well-being.  Just like with the bespoke suits that Haj Gueye designs, the secret to an impeccable life involves awareness and attention to detail.  A person must know what makes them truly special to bring out their finest.  This will also lead them to fully understand their purpose in life.  Once they focus on what makes them shine and their goal in life, they will find the drive to take care of themselves—body, mind, and spirit.

When it comes to his creations, the purveyor of impactful design shares, “My mindset always begins with the end in mind.  How can the suit best complement and enhance the client’s natural palette of eyes and skin-tones as well as their body silhouette?” Going beyond the physical, Haj Gueye also recognizes a client’s personality color. “Then I work backward, selecting the fabrics, the suiting pattern, and construction detail that creates the most impactful fit and style. When the suit fits like a glove and enhances the natural palette, it will make the client feel completely at ease in showing off their own style.”

During these uncertain times, Haj Gueye believes that fashion can be a way for self-expression.  Now that almost everyone is limiting their time outdoors and many companies have enforced a work-from-home arrangement, it can sometimes be easy to neglect the positive effects of looking one’s best.  More than just for appearance, wearing the right clothes can attract good energy that a person needs to move forward.

In living an impeccable life, one must be comfortable and confident. Such comfort will allow a person to move naturally.   If every aspect of one’s life is healthy, one is free to carry out their purpose.  This will also inspire the confidence that one needs to make an impact in the lives of others.  Being self-assured can bring about the positivity that a person can pass on to others, even with just their presence.

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