Eagle Bay Inches Forward

By Kathy Kahn

A project on the Town of Stony Point’s waterfront has moved one tiny step closer to fruition after Town Planning Board members unanimously approved the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the 40-acre marina property developer Eli Hershkowitz purchased for $6.7 million in 2017. The Thursday evening, September 24, planning board meeting was held via Zoom.


Stony Point’s Action Committee for the Environment (SPACE) President George Potanovic hopes municipal planners do not insist on a publicly held meeting without offering residents the ability to avail themselves of “Zooming” in as well.


“I object to the Town of Stony Point holding live meetings at this time on important issues that the public has shown a significant interest in,” said Potanovic. “There are a number of people who want to attend the October 22 meeting and subsequent public hearings that will be held on Eagle Bay in November, December and the winter months.


“We have many town residents who are older, have elderly parents at home or who have underlying health conditions who do not feel safe in a closed room with Board members who do not wear masks. If the town persists in the need to hold live meetings, it should ensure we continue to offer the virtual Zoom meeting to enable all town residents to participate without risking health and safety. That is their right under New York State’s Open Meeting Law.”


At press time, Tom Gubitosa did not respond to phone call for comment.  Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan told The Rockland County Times he expected the public hearing on Eagle Bay to be held in public in a larger room on the premises to maintain CoV-19 NYS-mandated protocols.

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