Maureen McArden-Schulman Cuts Ribbon on Stony Point Campaign Headquarters

By: Keith S. Shikowitz


Last week, McArden-Schulman opened a new campaign office on Route 9W in Stony Point. Welcoming her at the ribbon cutting were Stony Point Town Supervisor Jim Monaghan and Haverstraw Republican Committee Chair Ronny Diz, along with several supporters. “We’re working really hard making phone calls and reaching out to the voters. We’ve had many coming people in to volunteer and dozens of residents picking up lawn signs. It’s been wonderful,” McArden-Schulman beamed.


Former Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun, who represented Stony Point for 20 years, walked the neighborhood with McArden-Schulman, Steve Brescia (running against James Skoufis for the NYS Senate’s 19th District seat) and NYS Assemblyman Colin Schmidt (R/C/I) currently seeking re-election in the 39h Assembly District. “I was very privileged to represent Stony Point in the state legislature for two decades,” said Calhoun. As a native of Rockland, I am very honored to be here for Maureen as she is opening her office here. I wish them all of these great candidates’ success.”


Registered Democrats across the country have been defecting to the Republican Party, according to the Assemblywoman. “I don’t know if this is happening here, but I know there has been a migration from the city to Rockland…and here in Stony Point, many Democrats have a conservative viewpoint and often swing to the Republican party because of its platform,” said Calhoun.


“There’s so much going on in this country, and much of it is frightening. I’d like to re-establish a sense of civility,” said McArden-Schulman. “I encourage everyone to being kind to each other. Wave to each other. Smile at each other. Those simple actions are so important in helping to heal our country”.


“We’re also trying to get the word out on the legislation these new Democrats are working on. For example, The New Way Forward Act, currently backed by 44 Congressmen, would allow people who were deported for crimes to return to the United States and take up residency again.  It’s absurd. Who’s paying for this? We don’t mind helping people. But hand up is quite different from a hand out,” said McArden-Schulman.

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