Christmas Comes Early in Tappan

By: Joe Kuhn

Photos By: Theresa Diaspro

Vincent Barrasi has a unique taste in Halloween decorations. While his neighbor’s lawns may be lined with pumpkins, plastic ghouls and fallen leaves, Vincent has decked out his property in Tappan with candy canes, reindeer, and a veritable army of tin soldiers in an early celebration of the Christmas spirit.

For the past few decades Vincent has made it an annual tradition to put up his spectacular display months in advance to honor his wife Naty, who was born on October 5th and loved Christmas. Though she passed in 2012 Vincent still strives to have his yard fully decorated and light up every year on her birthday, sometimes starting the process in late August to ensure everything is ready on time.

“It takes a week or two to finish it” admitted Vincent, who worked with his four daughters, son in laws, and eight grandchildren to complete this year’s decorations. “I enjoy doing it, and people around here enjoy seeing it”. Though he is now 86 years old and recovering from a broken hip, Vincent was still able to “conduct” the process, strategically placing more than 200 decorations around his front lawn with the help of his entire family.

Vincent’s vibrant display can be seen on Lafayette Road in Tappan and will be proudly light up from Thanksgiving until January.

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