Why the Fashion Capital of the World is Going Remote

Just on the other side of Rockland County, just across the Hudson River is a city known for its influence on fashion the world over. In fact, Manhattan is where a lot of Rockland County residents used to physically commute to work. From the train platform to the delicatessen, anyone who lived, worked, or visited this area knew how crucial a role fashion played in everyday life. That is, until NYC shut down, the millionaires started to move away, and the fashion industry in NYC began to go through a definitive transformation.


Social Distancing is Now the Norm

In various parts of New York, there was always somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to see. Those not familiar with the local culture would be shocked to see how New Yorkers got dressed just to go and pick up their dry cleaning. In short, New York is like a 24/7 fashion show. And high fashion in NYC had absolutely nothing to do with labels or trends, as the residents were the ones creating the looks just by being experimental. Now, the crowds have dispersed and the events canceled, all because social distancing is the law of the land. There just isn’t anywhere to go, and no one to impress. So, you’ll find more New Yorkers posting pictures taken from inside their apartments and posted to social media.

Remote Work Has Changed Everything

Part of the hustle and bustle of New York started in the early morning hours of rush hour traffic. You’d see businesswomen and men wearing sharp suits ushering their equally sharply dressed children into taxis and cars. Even teenagers going on their way to school found ways to bedazzle and spruce up school uniforms to make themselves look unique. Every single morning in the greater NYC area was a virtual fashion show. Now that more people are working from home, there is no one left to impress.

The Tourists Stopped Coming

In addition to the local residents changing up their behavior, the reality is that there are fewer people coming to visit New York. Foreign travel has slowed down to a snail’s pace, and even local visits from residents of neighboring states has almost all but stopped. Restaurants are just starting to open up in Manhattan, and even the subways are experiencing limited service for the first time in their history. Yes, fashion will always be influenced by the culture of New York, but there just has to be more action in order for people to start getting into the swing of things. Right now, the tourists have stopped coming and there is an unofficial moratorium on fashion.

Desperate Times Call for Money Saving Measures

While the global coronavirus pandemic may have led to the decline of fashion as people know it in New York, there have been other things that have happened as a result. First and foremost, even the bourgeois have been impacted by the economic downturn. The same people used to shopping on Fifth Avenue, freely spending tens of thousands at a single store, now are looking for ways to get ahead. Whether that means keeping their Valentino shoes for longer, or just not buying anything unless it is on sale, the slowdown in fashion has led many designers to focus on their websites and online sales. If you are interested in buying luxury brands such as Valentino, you can browse select pieces here. Making it easy for consumers to browse, click, and buy luxury fashions and accessories, this online retailer will not disappoint with their styles or selection on offer. Get into the remote fashion world by visiting now.

An Eventual Adaptation

Every major fashion designer you can think of already has a website. Online shopping and home deliveries are not a new concept, especially not to New Yorkers who were among the first to adopt the technology themselves. As companies like Fresh Direct started to deliver groceries to homes in New York back in the early 2000s, people opened up to the idea that they could do the same with clothes. At home, you can’t try on clothing before you buy it, but retailers and designers are finding great working solutions for that. There are virtual models¬†that you can use to see how something will fit, and sometimes you can even see a video of how an outfit looks on a three-dimensional body in motion. This change is an eventual adaptation that was going to have to come to fruition at some point or another.


This isn’t the first time that residents of New York or the greater Tri-state area have had to deal with major changes. In the 1970s, a similar situation happened and people thought that the region would never recover. It did, and if history is any indication, it will be restored again soon.

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