How to Encourage Your Child to Play Basketball

Engaging in physical activities such as basketball promotes a child’s health, their general well-being, social interaction, and it could also boost their learning curve. It’s for this reason that it needs to be every parent’s priority to make sure their children partake in some form of physical activity for at least two hours every day for maximum benefits. However, it can be disappointing and disheartening when a child is not interested in any sport or any other physical activity let alone shooting hoops. If you find yourself in such a predicament, don’t sweat, read on to find out how to motivate your child to practice basketball.

It’s All in the Hoops

Whether your child is playing basketball at school, the community center, or in your driveway, the right basketball court gear acts will help to act as a motivator. No child wants to shoot hoops in an old, raggedy, and out-fashioned hoop. Fortunately, and as are the suggestions from the sporting gurus at, there are a host of ultra-modern and fantastic hoops that could help motivate your lid. All you need is to determine your goals and objectives into what will help boost their morale. You have the freedom to choose from the vast types of hoops and other accessories to suit your child’s needs.

Shoot Some Hoops Together

Imagine converting your driveway into an amazing basketball area whenever you need to? This will help to make it easier whenever there are parties at your place or just a bonding session between you and your kid.

Kids learn by example and will emulate what they see and learn from it. If you want your child to practice basketball, don’t warm the bench as you watch them play. Instead, get a hold of the ball, dribble like a pro – even if you haven’t played since your high school days – then make an epic shot. Even if you lose, playing together is not only fun but also a great way to induce morale and activate participation.

Additionally, create some time out of your busy schedule to watch a game or two with your child. Go a step further and buy some game tickets where you can make the trip together and watch a live game.

Your Positive Aura Will Make All the Difference

No child wants to associate themselves with anything that demoralizes them. Your sulky attitude could be all that it takes to get them down. What you need are some positivity and an energy-filled spirit. Guess what, this could also work magic for you. Your kid doesn’t need to have Lebron James’ skills on the court. All they might need is your smile and energy. Avoid being a critique and become an encouraging parent. By just saying “I love that you are enjoying every minute of the game” could ignite a spark that will propel them to become basketball stars. Your positivity will create a positive atmosphere for your child and give them something to look forward to. Don’t overlook praise statements, rewards, and encouraging tokens no matter the age of the child.

Create a Fun Sporting Environment

You don’t want your basketball sessions to seem like one of those painstaking chores like taking out the garbage. Instead, find ways of creating a fun sporting environment to encourage regular practice and participation. Remember, it should be a fun-filled sport, not a chore. You can achieve this by;

  • Playing together and including the whole family
  • Create a reward system such as treating your child to a movie, snacks, or road trips after a game
  • Let them invite their friends over to play as a team; the more the merrier
  • Make a game out of the game, for example, you can bet on snacks to whoever wins

Don’t Forget Their Academics

Even though pro basketball players such as Kobe Bryant made it to the big leagues after high school, he had an excellent academic record. Don’t overlook the importance of academics. As you encourage sports participation, be sure to do the same with their studies as well. This is what they need to get scholarships and advancements in life.



These tips will help you turn that predicament into an opportunity. Now your child can get serious with the sport and even enjoy it. Get to shoot some hoops, who knows, your child might become the next Shaquille O’Neal or Diana Taurasi!

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