Online Car Leasing Is The New Trend In New York

Great news for all of us that live in Rockland County, NY, we now have access to any new 2021 car, truck, or SUV without ever having to leave our home. How is this possible you might ask? Local car lease companies that have online car leasing in NY! In the new post Covid-19 lifestyle that us New Yorkers face today, this is definitely news worth reporting.

So if leasing a car online is affordable, fast, easy and allows for social distancing – it seems like a win win. Our independent research has found that the company leading the pact with this new fad is VIP Auto Lease ( In fact, they are actually delivering virtually purchased automobiles all over the United States.

In the past when you wanted to lease a car we were always limited to what was available locally. Maybe there were only certain models or trims, or we could only choose from one or two colors. Then we were forced to drive around, usually, an all-day event, visiting different car dealerships, while being pressured to buy before we had time to think or negotiate.

Online Leasing 2021

Well, these days are over. Now we have the luxury to be able to lease any 2021 car, get an instant quote, and get approved for an affordable auto lease without any of the hassles. With the newly arrived inventory of 2021 vehicles, you can have the first pick, and browse each make and model online. 

Now the second thing you might be wondering is if you then need to drive down into NYC to pick up your new lease car. And the answer is a resounding NO! Their main car lot might be in NYC, But after you are approved and finalize your car lease, they will deliver your car right to your door, anywhere in Rockland County NY!

Online Leasing is FAST

By cutting out the time it takes to shop around, negotiate the leasing terms, apply and get approved you can already be driving your new car when you lease online. And by cutting out the middleman, online leasing can help you to get the lowest possible lease prices. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a 1-2 year lease (short term) or a 4-5 year lease (long term). You can choose all the details of your leasing terms like how many miles per year and even qualify for zero down payment.

So what are you waiting for? You can browse their full inventory today. When you find the perfect vehicle for you, that suits your price range, simply apply for an instant quote, no strings attached.

When you lease online the hardest part is deciding which one of the hundreds of cars you want, the rest is easy!

2021 mercedes GLS 580 For Lease in NYMore information on the VIP Auto Lease lot in NYC:

VIP Auto Lease 1204 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 718-477-7888

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