Legislature Approves End of Year Levies and Budget Statements




The County Legislature unanimously passed the adoption of several tax levies at this week’s special Monday afternoon meeting.


Lawmakers confirmed that the sum of $130,770,100 in property tax is to be levied by Rockland County upon taxable property in the county in 2021. The breakdown of taxes by town is as follows: Clarkstown $ 41,832,891, Haverstraw $ 10,080,177. Orangetown $ 27,044,172. Ramapo $ 44,856,326. Stony Point $ 6,956,534.


The levies and budget statements of the five towns were approved by the Legislature, as well as the adoption of tax rates for the Sewer District and the levy of town Highway Department items. The collection of charges for the Solid Waste Authority was also approved.  User charges for the SWA next year will be $13,422,162.


The Legislature “canceled and rejected” certain village tax assessments for six villages, which means they added some charges the villages failed to pay the county onto next year’s bill. The Village of Spring Valley had the most sizable fee of $24,440.79.


They did the same for six school districts, totaling $132,398.72. The chargebacks were $8,110.97 for Clarkstown Central, $39,392.48 for North Rockland, $8,288.25 for Nyack, $5,995.07 for Pearl River, $12,864.47 for Suffern and $57,747.46 for East Ramapo.


All votes were unanimous and only the village tax assessment vote garnered a question from a legislator; the rest were approved routinely without discussion.

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