United Way of Rockland County to award $142,323in Grants to Nonprofits: Vows to Combat Hunger Crisis Caused by Coronavirus


During the past eleven months the food pantries and feeding programs throughout Rockland have seen an overwhelming increase in the amount of people that need assistance with food.

Many have reported serving triple the amount of people since the pandemic started, as well as hundreds of new families. In response to this crisis, the United Way of Rockland will award $142,323 in grants to help expand the capacity of emergency food and shelter programs throughout Rockland.

We are grateful to the National Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) for allocating $142,323to Rockland County for Phase 38 tohelp combat the effects of Covid-19.said United Way of Rockland President & CEO Dana Treacy. Grants will be awarded to agencies that provide emergency food and emergency shelter services to residents of Rockland County. These awards are for the purchase of food and shelter, to supplement and expand currently available resources, and not to substitute or reimburse ongoing programs and services or to start a new program. In order for agencies to receive EFSP funding they must provide the delivery of emergency food and/or shelter services;be anon-profit; have an accounting system; practice non-discrimination;be eligible to receive federal funds; be able to manage online reporting; and have a voluntary board.

Qualifying agencies are urged to apply. The Application is available to agencies at uwrc.org/pdfs/efsp_application.pdf. The Local EFSP Board, convened by the United Way of Rockland, will determine how the funds are awarded. The deadline for application submission is February10, 2021by 5:00 p.m.For additional information, please contact Dana Treacy at [email protected]

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