Rep. Mondaire Jones Votes With House Democrats to Accelerate Covid-19 Relief: Budget Resolution Passed in Both Houses


By: Ella Coogan


Americans are now one step closer to getting relief that will help them overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, the house passed a $1.9 trillion budget resolution that would help safely open up schools and establish more vaccination sites, deliver immediate financial assistance of $1,400 per person, and provide support for small businesses and essential workers. On Friday afternoon the bill cleared the senate as well.


The bill was passed by a margin 0f 51-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie breaking vote in favor of the resolution. Passage of the budget resolution means that congress can now speed along  the process of drafting relief legislation, and that the democratic majority can theoretically pass any such measure without any Republican support.


Congressman Mondaire Jones voiced his support of the resolution. “I’m proud to have voted to establish a $1.9 trillion budget for the reconciliation process that is now underway,” said Jones. “Congress must meet the scale of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Democrats will deliver real COVID-19 relief and put money back into the pockets of working people.”


With the passing of the resolution, Congress will now work over the next few weeks to deliver relief to communities.

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