Flectson of Spring Valley Offers Comfortable Custom Safety

David Crowner noticed a widespread problem when on the road. As an exercise enthusiast, Crowner grew concerned that joggers, cyclists, and even people simply taking a brisk walk were at risk of being struck by traffic when outdoors in the dark. And so he came up with an idea to keep them safe. He created Flectson.

Flectson is a brand of reflectors for people that find conventional reflectors uncomfortable. Realizing that many people often don’t wear reflective clothing when outdoors at night, Crowner decided to create a reflector vest that was as comfortable and versatile as possible in order to convince people to wear them.

“It’s a crucial thing” said Crowner, who considers his reflective vest a safety necessity. Designed especially for comfort, Flectson vests are light, adjustable and made of a special weightless mesh ideal for exercising. The vests are also perfect for any outdoor activity from hunting to hiking and are so airy and flexible that people often forget their wearing it. “They’re good for consumers of all ages” explained Crowner.  “Use the inner zipperpocket to keep your phone and keys safe. The adjustable velcro straps at the waist make the vest easy to wear and secure.”

Crowner sells Flectson vests nationwide in sizes small to extra large and he’s very excited to expand his operations further and offer more sizes.

Right now https://www.flectson.com is offering special rates for group orders, as the vests are popular with cycling and running teams. You can also email David for more information at  info@flectson.com or call his office at 845-657-1925. Any outdoorsman looking to stay safe and comfortable would do well to pay a visit.

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