Parents Petition To Resume Full In-Person Learning for Students


Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (RCI-New Windsor) who represents the Town of Stony Point, mailed  a petition on  March 4 containing  nearly 3,400 petition signatures from New Yorkers demanding Governor Cuomo and State Commissioners of Health and Education modify state guidance to allow for the immediate resumption of 5 days a week in-person education. Signatures  were collected over past the ten days following his  letter to the Commissioners seeking updated guidance. Schmitt  previously questioned  the  Dr. Howard Zucker, NYS Commissioner of Health,  during the legislative budget hearing.   As part of the push for reopening schools, Schmitt urged Zucker to update state guidance regarding the six feet rules for distancing in the classroom, as well as for school bus seating spacing. Guidelines in place making nearly impossible for many districts to reopen fully.


Taking his cue  from the CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, who recently stated, “What we are finding from the science-based literature is that there is more spread that is happening in the community when schools are not open than when schools are open”–Schmitt says  students and parents deserve the opportunity to resume in-person learning immediately.  “These thousands of petition signatures are from families across the Hudson Valley and across that state who join with me in wanting our students to return to 5 days of week in-person education now. The state must update school COVID-19 guidance with the newly issued CDC guidelines and scientific data so that schools can reopen fully and safely.”

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