Historic Cemetery Being Restored

Photo By: Kathy Kahn

A Memorial Day service held in West Nyack at Mount Moor Cemetery was made all the more memorable, thanks to the efforts of Travis Monuments. The company replaced ten headstones at the black cemetery that was originally dedicated on May 1, 1865, during the closing days of the Civil War.

The recent restorations at the 150-year-old black burial ground were undertaken by The Friends of Mount Moore Cemetery, founded earlier this year to protect the graveyard. Over the past several weeks, Charles Minozzi and the crew from Travis Monuments had been on site digging foundations, installing bases and then setting ten new monuments provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Mt. Moor Cemetery hasn’t been cared for in decades but is now being restored into a really beautiful resting place,” said Minozzi, president of Hudson Valley Monuments Group. “As a member of the local community, it seemed like the right thing to do for our company, and so we got involved and donated our services to this project.”

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