How Students Managed to Cope With Online Education for the Last One Year


Maintaining a Proper Schedule

When the pandemic hit, we went into a complete lockdown for the first time, and everyone’s daily routine was turned upside down. People did not have much to do during that time. They could not even go out due to COVID restrictions. Even the idea of working from home had not yet taken shape properly. So people would pass their time idling around the house. Students were no different from this. They too had nothing to do. No school or tutoring classes. They could pass their time indoors as if it were an awful summer vacation.

That, however, changed as classes soon shifted to an online-based system. Students now had to do classes and attend tutoring sessions through different online video conferencing platforms. That helped them get back on a proper schedule. And they could not divert from these schedules. It was basically them attending school and tutoring on a schedule they are used to, but just online instead of in-person sessions.

Thanks to such scheduling. Students were now able to make better use of their time by attending their classes and even different extracurricular activities. They were also giving online tests and exams. Because of such scheduling in the intermediate stages of the pandemic, they were able to benefit from online education.

Seeking Help from Teachers and Tutors

Students are bound to struggle with some of their lessons from time to time. Under normal circumstances, they would go to their teacher or tutor directly to seek help. With everything closed, they now had to do the same, but via the internet.

Thanks to their utmost sincerity and dedication, students were able to solve all their confusion just with a simple email or an online tutoring session. And teachers and tutors would encourage this practice. It helped maintain proper communication between the teachers and their pupils. That was vital for the survival of such an online education system. Without this sort of communication, the whole infrastructure of online learning would have collapsed.

Taking Help from Online Resources

Students have been taking help from different YouTube videos and tutorials for their everyday classes. More recently, they have been seeking help from other online resources as well. These are mostly forums and educational platforms that help students with difficult problems and assignments. And some of their reviews speak volumes about how well-received their services have been.

From high school level mathematics to advanced problems in economics for college students, they cover everything. They have expert students and professionals who are always waiting to answer your questions. And they do so with utmost precision and detail so that you can understand the approach they take to solve the questions.

More Time For Learning

With no way to leave their homes, students had very little choice of things to do indoors. Movies, TV shows, and video games did keep a lot of them occupied. So did social networking and reading books. Yet, they still had a lot of time in their hands; time that was otherwise impossible to manage.

Given all this time that they had, students could finally get some studying done. And it is not just the sufficient amount of time that helped them get through their lessons. It was also their interest in the lessons and topics.

Students were stressed out with all that had been going around them. Yet, they tried their best to utilize their time and work on their lessons. And even though they might not have learned everything they were supposed to, you could still see those students putting in some effort into their studies. The idea of attending online exams for probably the first time was also something that got them invested in their studies. Not knowing what to expect, a lot of them did whatever they could to study in time for the exams.

These are all the things that contributed to a smooth transition to an online learning and education system. All these efforts have made the online learning experience much more pleasant for students.

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