Family of Jared Lloyd Presented With Al DeFlumere Award

The family of Jared Lloyd, a volunteer firefighter who died combating one of the worst infernos in Rockland’s history, was presented with the Al DeFlumere Award on June 19 at the Rockland County Fire Training Center in Pomona.

Columbian Engine Company No. 1, County Legislator Tony Earl, and State officials gathered alongside the friends and family of the 16-year Spring Valley Fire Department veteran as County Executive Ed Day presented the award of valor to Lloyd’s mother, Sabrail Davenport, his father, Calvin Lloyd and Chief Ken Conjura of the Columbian Engine Company No. 1.

“Jared had a ‘servant heart’ and served this community without looking for any type of recognition. He had a spirit of serving, and it takes a special person to have that type of passion to put service before self,” wrote Lloyd’s mother in a statement shared by Deacon Reginald Anderson of the Spring Valley First Baptist Church.

The Al DeFlumere Award is given to those who have demonstrated unwavering heroism and bravery in risking their lives to save others.

“We know that awards, honors, and accolades will not bring the closure and understanding that we still seek,” said Day. “But they do demonstrate the depth of caring and appreciation that Rockland holds for Jared Lloyd.”

Lloyd, who perished in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 23, was described as “a devoted father and distinguished member of his community,” in NY Senate Resolution K210, which honors the “life and heroic actions of Jared Lloyd.”

Lloyd was one of the first to arrive at Evergreen Court Home for Adults, a Spring Valley assisted-living facility, when the building was engulfed in flames. He was searching for residents when he became trapped on the third floor. After patching a ‘mayday’ call, Lloyd’s fellow firefighters immediately tried to rescue him. Unfortunately, the crew had to abandon their rescue attempt as the building began to collapse shortly after Lloyd made contact. Lloyd and his comrades have been credited with saving 112 elderly and disabled residents. Thanks to their efforts, only one resident, whose family has requested that they remain anonymous, was lost in the blaze. More than 150 firefighters from four counties worked together to put out the inferno that night.

“We come together to remember and honor a true American hero,” said Day. “Firefighter Jared Lloyd of the Columbian Engine Company #1 gave his life in the service to others. This has been a difficult loss for our county and for all the volunteers who risk their lives day after day protecting us.”

“Most people run away from burning buildings,” said Earl. “Our collective hearts broke when we learned of his sacrifice, and none shattered harder than those of his mother, other family members, and fellow firefighters. He truly deserves to be recognized for his valor.”

Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Assemblyman Mike Lawler presented Firefighter Lloyd’s family with framed copies of the Resolution which was passed in the State Senate and Assembly.

“Lloyd’s infinite selflessness and benevolence will shine on through his family’s vivid and happy memories; his life of service and strength will forever serve as a beacon of love, light and hope to the countless lives he touched,” read the Resolution.

Rockland County Legislator James Foley, with the support of Lawler, and Stony Point Councilman Candidate Kevin Nolan, and Clarkstown clerk Candidate Lauren Marie Wohl shared their respect for Lloyd at the “One Rockland Community BBQ” where thousands of meals were served. “I was glad to see the community coming together for this,” remarked Foley.

“His legacy will forever be in our hearts, and he will always be my, your and this community’s hero,” read Davenport’s statement. “Jared has shown me and others in his 35 years of life his compassion to serve selflessly, his contagious smile, his unconditional love, his positive and nonjudgmental attitude, his dedication to lead faithfully and his appreciation of life.”

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