Ways to Work on Your Personal Brand As A Freelancer

As a solopreneur, you’re responsible for every area of your business. From sourcing contracts and networking to IT support, accounts and your marketing strategies – everything that makes a business wheel successfully turn is your responsibility. Regrettably, one area that many freelancers neglect is their brand image.

Any large corporation or SME has an entire team dedicated to building a strong, recognisable brand to develop stronger bonds of customer trust and loyalty. But as a freelancer, encompassing these factors into the every day can seem trivial. The truth is, the stronger your personal brand is, the better your clients and potential clients will think of your work, and a strong personal brand could be the difference between getting that lucrative work contract and missing out to a competitor.

Let’s explore some interesting ways you can work on your personal brand as a freelancer.

Define Your Identity at Every Opportunity

Branding as a freelancer can feel a little alien. After all, you’re a solopreneur, moving from one contract to another, and branding along with the promotion of a business image is something larger corporations do with their eyes closed.

However, there are plenty of subtle yet highly effective ways you can inject your own branding and image into everything you put out. This even applies to your admin, for example, by investing in invoicing software by Freshbooks, you’ll not only be able to streamline your billing processes, but also build your brand as your clients move through the customer journey, thanks to personalised and fully customisable invoices. By sending out highly polished, professional and branded invoices, your image is instantly recognisable, which means you’re more likely to get paid faster and receive repeat business.

Build A Website and Get it Running

A strong online presence is one of your strongest branding assets, so don’t be afraid to go back to basics. Creating a powerful and engaging website based around your services, can highlight your image and make your brand stand out. Even if you’re not selling physical items, a website is a perfect place to showcase client testimonials, your portfolio, information about your business and your history… Just remember to keep it updated!

Make it Social

Creating a public presence means heading online and utilising social media. After all, you might be the greatest freelance photographer in the world, but if no one has heard of you, no one will hire you either. Creating strong online profiles in LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok can help solidify your public image, expand your network and get your name out there.

Consider a Logo

Who says you can’t have a logo, just because you’re a solopreneur? An eye-catching and memorable logo is a simple yet highly effective way to gain the attention of your prospective clients and ensure that you’re memorable – especially when invoices land in inboxes. Creating a logo that represents your personality and industry is the best approach, if graphic design isn’t your forte, then consider having one designed for you by an expert.

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