Trade Deadline Presents Two Different Approaches For NY Locals


In the days leading up to the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline, one would have figured the Yankees and Mets would have been in the exact same position.

Buy and win at all costs.

The thought process preseason made perfect sense. After all, the Yankees and the Mets were supposed to be two legitimate World Series contenders. But things have changed since the middle of March.

The Yankees have been the biggest disappointment in baseball. They have put themselves in a predicament where the Red Sox and Rays have surpassed them in the AL East putting them at a point of no return for the division.

However, the predicament of the 2nd Wild Card puts the Yankees very much in the postseason conversation. Despite all of their flaws and issues, the Yankees are only 2 games back in the loss column of the Oakland A’s for the final postseason spot in the American League.

So, how exactly do you handle the trade deadline?

The Yankees are not going to sell off assets considering they are within striking distance of the postseason, but considering their deficit in the AL East is it worth going all in on this 2021 team?

Well, the Yankees should look to add to the roster, but at a cost. The idea of making an all in type of move on the 2021 roster doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

That said, the Yankees should think about the idea of adding to the roster, but with the mindset of trying to add for 2021 and beyond.

Long term moves make sense, short sighted moves do not. The Mets find themselves in a much different predicament. They are a first place team in the NL East and can be a very dangerous postseason team. It’s not to suggest that the Mets should mortgage their future on one specific player, but their front office can think about the idea of making one move to potentially put the team over the top.

Is that player Kris Bryant or Max Scherzer? Uncertain, but if the Mets brass believes that one player can take the team to the next level, that is the move that should be made.

The Mets should be in a far more aggressive position come July 31st in comparison to the Yankees. The results in the standings are the ultimate proof. Cautious buying for the Yankees and aggressive buying for the Mets.

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