Retirement Party Planning and Ideas


Planning a retirement party in Rockland County opens up several options. There is a choice of historic sites, parks and stunning views of the Hudson River and the Ramapo Mountains where you can host an event. A gathering with delicious local cuisine makes a memorable celebration of retirement for those ending their career in the local area and is a far cry from the brief presentation of a gold watch from a senior executive to the person retiring at the end of their last day at work, with a slice of cake for everyone still in the office.

Here we look at novel themes and ideas for a retirement party, whether this is one you are planning for yourself or a valued colleague. The party should honour the individual with great retirement gifts and respect their years of service to the company, the community and their family. The focus is on making a dignified exit with gentle fun coming from memories and contributions that the employee made to the company and the people within it during their period of employment.


Messages from colleagues

Honour the retiree with a book of messages, favourite stories and photographs that relate to their working life. This can be arranged online so that people can contribute in advance and consider what they want to say. Give a deadline for submissions so the book can be printed, bound in leather and embossed with their name to be presented at the party. Their current colleagues might like to take the retiree’s favourite song and create a video of them lip-synching to it for a fun and memorable gift. This can be played at the event.

A gift to support their retirement

A gift that supports the retirees future away from work is expected, rather than a watch to mark the passing of time, as in the past. If they plan to visit Vegas for the trip of a lifetime, gift a pack of gold-plated playing cards for the poker tables. For a more generic gift, choose a gift they can have as décor in their office at home as a reminder of the high esteem in which they have been held in the workplace.

An intimate or larger gathering

As the retiree whether they want a smaller more intimate retirement party with current colleagues or whether they want a larger gathering to include family and friends and previous colleagues. Once you have the numbers you can book a venue. There are a number of great venues in Rockland Country that cater for small and large parties. Choose the date for the party, ideally their last day at work or the nearest weekend if family and friends wish to attend.

Day or evening party

A retirement party does not have to be in the evening, you might choose to have a picnic at any of the great parks overlooking the Hudson. Here you can plan games and crafts and if the retiree is a nature lover this suggestion could be ideal. Otherwise, choose a riverfront restaurant where the menu includes fresh seafood as well as steak.

An evening celebration does not have to be at a restaurant, bar or banqueting room at a hotel. You could all head to the local stadium to watch the Rockland Boulders baseball team with a drink at the Bridge Bar to celebrate afterwards. Your choice will depend on the wishes of the guest of honour.


The party can be a simple affair in which the speeches are the focus. Not only make sure their senior officer makes a speech of thanks, looking on the past career, but the microphone can be left open for those to share their own stories. These can be a repetition of stories written in a guest book created and people should be encouraged to have fun without being disrespectful or offensive.


Arrange music in advance with a good sound system and the playlist with the guest of honour’s favourite music and songs. Mix in a few work-oriented tunes like Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five”, Todd Rundgren’s “I Don’t Want to Work” or “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles.

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