St. Joseph Smashed: Vandal Damages Property at Century Old Spring Valley Church


The patron saint of workers is going to require a good mason job. On Thursday, a statue standing outside the Church of St. Joseph in Spring Valley, which depicted the eponymous saint, was toppled by a vandal in an incident that County Executive Ed Day personally considers a hate crime. It is alleged a man riding on his bike threw a stone at the statue.

In a statement shared with the press, Executive Day lamented the desecration of the historic local landmark; the Church of St. Joseph has been a part of the Spring Valley Community for over 125 years.

“According to the Spring Valley Police Department, thousands of dollars’ worth of damage was done by an individual breaking numerous pieces of property and statues at the Church,” said Day. It is currently unclear what charges the vandal will face.

“We must all roundly and universally condemn hatred or intolerance whenever and wherever they rear their ugly heads to ensure that Rockland County will remain a welcoming home to all our residents,” urged the County Executive

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Spring Valley Police Department at 845-356-7400 or email their office at

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