Yanks Have Gotten Off The Mat, Now Can They Punch An October Ticket?

The 2021 Yankees season should have a surgeon’s general warning attached to it.

Game in and game out, it’s almost a guarantee that the Yankees will play a game that comes down to the wire. I was shocked to find out that the Yankees are actually 19-12 in one run games this season.

I mean, after all, we’ve all watched the 2021 Yankees this season, right?

I’ve legitimately lost count when it comes to the amount of excruciating and gut-wrenching defeats, especially at the hands of the bullpen, over the last two months. In the field of dreams game on Thursday night. The Yankees added a cornfield to a venue to host a backbreaking loss.

The dramatics of Giancarlo Stanton’s 2 out 9th inning go ahead homer were vanquished within ten minutes when White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson returned the favor in the bottom half of the inning.

After Thursday night’s loss, I legitimately wondered how many more of these sorts of losses can the Yankees withstand throughout the rest of this season. After all, they’ve had at least eight to ten losses this year when it was totally fair to wonder if the team, and its players, would be able to recover.

However, that’s one thing that shouldn’t be questioned when it comes to the 2021 Yankees.

The team has made a living when it comes to getting off the mat and responding. Look at this weekend, for instance. The Yankees lost a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking game to one of the most talented teams in the American League.

They could have had every reason to whine about their loss, allow it to linger in the Windy City and lead to an extended funk, but the team to their credit did the exact opposite. The Yankees survived a bullpen meltdown on Saturday and a near meltdown on Sunday, but yet won the series against Chicago.

A Yankees team clearly not at full strength, dealing with a ton of injuries and COVID have put together the best record in the AL in the 2nd half of the season.

I have been very critical of Yankees manager Aaron Boone throughout the 2021 season, but he deserves a ton of credit in the way he has kept the team together. I am officially done when it comes to counting the 2021 Yankees out after a bad, bad loss.

Despite their flaws, the team has shown a lot of resilience.

Now, can that resilience propel the Yankees into the month of October? The answer in the middle of August seems drastically different to what it would’ve been from yours truly a month ago, and if you’re a Yankees fan, that is a good thing.

Now, it’s time to finish the job.

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