Can The Wilson Wow Factor Allow Jets Fans Happiness Throughout 2021? 

Sometimes reality hits home and hits super hard if you’re a football fan.

Around these parts, it hasn’t been super pretty rooting for either of the two NY locals since 2012, but there’s a major difference in the perception amongst Jets and Giants fans alike throughout the city.

The Giants fan is well aware of the history of the franchise especially throughout the Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin era.

Despite the ugliness throughout the last nine years, the Giants fans can most certainly pound their chest over the two Super Bowl victories against the big bad New England Patriots.

Jets fans don’t have the ability to have the same sort of Lombardi flex.

The Jets have had one winning season since 2011 and have not made the postseason since 2010. Newsflash, that’s probably not changing in 2021.

However, there is a great sense of optimism because of the presence and performance of rookie quarterback Zach Wilson throughout the preseason.

Look, you don’t enshrine yourself in Canton Ohio after preseason games.

However, when you consider some of the slander that was coming the way of the Jets rookie quarterback, you can understand Jets fans being on the defensive.

Wilson’s performance in scrimmages early in training camp weirdly came under the microscope. Newsflash, rookie quarterbacks will have some rough practices.

Zach Wilson may have struggled in some scrimmages, but he has played terrific in the two preseason games we have seen so far throughout the summer.

Now, that does not mean you should draw the conclusion that Zach Wilson is about to dominate his rookie season, but it does mean that you’re allowed to be excited if you root for the New York Jets.

The Jets haven’t given you much to cheer about for the last decade.

A whole lot of losing seasons combined with a whole lot of bad feelings sets the bar so incredibly low that basically any sense of quality play will be celebrated with open arms.

The Jets have already had their hearts broken this preseason with news that their biggest signing and most elite pass rusher Carl Lawson is done for the season with a torn achilles.

Sure, that’s awful news if you root for the green and white, however the success of this season hinges of the growth and the development of the coach Robert Saleh and the quarterback Zach Wilson.

How much can the rookie wow you throughout the season?

The more you can say yes, the better off Jets fans will be.

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