4 Common Myths About Immigration To The United States


People feel that immigration levels in the United States are too high, however, immigration is quite complicated with a few exceptions for married couples applying for green cards, However, it’s important to understand that the arguments about immigration are based on misinformation and myths. Rockland County immigration lawyers encounter and assist hundreds of immigrant families each year to receive green cards, student visas, and work visas and are very familiar with the true story about immigration. Take a look at some common ones below to help debunk them!

Myth #1: Immigrants are all poor.


One myth is that the vast majority of immigrants are low-skilled, poorly educated, non-English speakers, and living in poverty. In reality, immigrants tend to have a more varied education level than the average person of developed countries. In fact, since 1982 the percentage who have a college degree has increased dramatically from 10% to 33% among all foreign-born males ages 25 to 64. Immigrants are one of the essential building blocks that leads to the strength of the American economy.


Myth #2: Immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans 


The fact is that most immigrants come to America looking for work. While some do take low-skill, entry-level jobs in sectors like service or agriculture, even these jobs are becoming harder to find due to rapid growth in population and automation technology in many industries. New immigrants are more likely to be highly educated, highly skilled, and entrepreneurial. Many professors, doctors, surgeons, and researchers are immigrants. Furthermore, with both high-skilled and lowe skilled jobs, immigrants pay both payroll taxes, income taxes, and sales tax contributions to the well-being of every other American citizen.


Myth #3: Immigrants negatively impact the economy 

The notion that immigrants are taking our jobs and causing our economy to collapse is a myth that actually relies on the misunderstanding of a complex issue. Many immigrants actually fill jobs that Americans won’t fill, so by allowing more immigration we can create more jobs for the United States workforce.

Immigrants who work in managerial, business, media or “creative” jobs contribute greatly to the US economy. Furthermore, they tend to increase wages for native workers in industries where immigrants are mostly employed. According to research, immigration has little effect on labor market outcomes for most American workers. 


Myth #4: Immigrants burden the healthcare system

Research indicates that immigrants actually improve the health of their communities. They are more likely to have insurance than native-born Americans, and they use fewer services. For every dollar they pay in taxes, they create $1.21 in economic output, compared with 77 cents by non-immigrants over the same period of time.

There are many paths to becoming a legal US resident or citizen and the quickest and least expensive way requires careful planning and paperwork submission. If you are looking for a work visa, student visa or green card work with one of the local immigration lawyers to get the process done right the first time.

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