The New York State Thruway Authority today announced the Scotland Hill Road bridge over the Thruway (I-87) is scheduled to open Monday, Nov. 1. The bridge is part of a $30.8 million infrastructure improvement project in Rockland County to replace three bridges along the I-87 corridor in the lower Hudson Valley region.  The Scotland Hill Road bridge (milepost 23.62) is the second bridge to open as part of this project. The Hungry Hollow Road bridge (milepost 24.62) was the first bridge to be replaced and opened to traffic in November 2020. The College Road bridge (milepost 26.37) is expected to open this December. 

“Investing in infrastructure projects such as this bridge replacement project is vital to maintaining a safe and reliable transportation system,” said Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll. “The increased vertical clearance on the new bridges will help prevent future bridge strikes and improve the travel experience for the thousands of motorists in this area every day. We thank the community for their patience to replace these bridges and modernize our transportation system.”

The bridges are being replaced with new structures which includes numerous upgrades including, wider shoulders and approaches, and new sign structures.

All original three structures were built in the 1950s and were at the end of their useful life. The vertical clearance on all three new bridges was raised to a height of 16 feet 6 inches.

More than 22,000 motorists collectively travel on the Hungry Hollow Road, Scotland Hill Road and College Road bridges every day, and more than 115,000 motorists travel on this section of I-87 daily.

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