Unofficially In: Tentative Results From This Year’s Local Elections

While the county board of elections has yet to verify the winners of Tuesday’s ballot, they have, at time of publication, released a tally that forecasts big wins for Rockland’s Republican Party.

County Executive Ed Day has won 34,177 votes, while his democratic challenger, L’Tanya Watkins, has garnered 12,898. George Hoehman, Town Supervisor of Clarkstown, and Jim Monaghan, Town Supervisor of Stony Point, have likely won another term in office, providing a victory for Rockland’s republican establishment. Teresa Kenny, Town Supervisor of Orangetown, Michael B. Specht , Town Supervisor of Ramapo, and Howard Phillips, town supervisor of Haverstraw, all ran unopposed and will continue in their current office.

Scott B. Ugell and Leslie Kahn will likely carry the race for Clarkstown Justice, while the justices of Ramapo, Stony Point, Haverstraw and Orangetown will retain their seats by virtue of running unopposed. A full list of the night’s results can be found here.

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