For Mets Next Manager, The Buck Stops Here

It’s been a weird start to the Major League Baseball Offseason for two reasons. The ongoing lockout has prevented any player activity for the foreseeable future and it’s why we actually were able to enjoy a flurry of moves and buzz for 48 to 72 hours very similar to the NFL and NBA free agency periods.

The second reason this offseason seems a little off is because the New York Mets have shifted to acting like a major market, top flight club which as we know is a far cry from their previous behavior in years past.

Oh what a difference an ownership change can make!

The next order of business for the franchise is trying to figure out their next manager. It’s bizarre that the team signed a future first ballot Hall Of Fame pitcher, but has yet to hire a manager. It may be off, but nobody is complaining about Max Scherzer in orange and blue despite the delay in naming the next manager.

According to sources, Max Scherzer has a preference for who the next manager of the Mets should be and our opinions couldn’t be any more aligned. Max Scherzer & yours truly think it’s a no brainer for Buck Showalter to be the next manager of the Mets. Showalter is exactly the sort of presence the Mets need. He’s a program builder. Everywhere Buck Showalter has managed, he has won.

There is no question about whether or not he can navigate managing in New York. Buck Showalter was a key factor in establishing the winning mentality throughout the Yankee organization when he managed the team from 1992-1995.

Considering the Mets last two managerial hires had zero big league managerial experience, it’s super refreshing to think about a candidate who isn’t exactly in need of on the job training.

Now look, it’s not to say the other two finalists for the job Joe Espada and Matt Quartaro can’t be successful big league managers. It’s possible either one could end up having great success, but it’s a roll of the dice compared to Buck Showalter, who to me is a sure thing. The Mets have not done a lot of winning over the last five seasons, they haven’t made the postseason since 2016. Go get a manager who is a given.

The Mets have already had a banner offseason when many other teams including the one that plays across town is waiting to make a monster splash. Steve Cohen hiring Buck Showalter, a former beloved Yankees manager to run his baseball team is out of the George Steinbrenner playbook of running a baseball team.

As a Yankee fan, it makes me sick and quite frankly jealous.

Scherzer, Marte & Showalter. Oh my.

It’s already been a happy holiday season for Mets fans, the hiring of Buck Showalter would make the next few weeks that much sweeter.


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