Super Wild Card Weekend, Yes Please

The NFL Regular season had more twists and turns than usual in 2021.

Makes sense, after all. It was the longest regular season in league history, with the addition of the 17th game on the schedule.

Let’s be honest, we’ve watched a lot of bad football locally. The Jets and the Giants didn’t exactly provide a lot of thrills and instead provided a lot of losses, anguish and pain.

Thankfully, we’re done with the Giants and Jets on the field until September.

Don’t let that sad reality get in the way of some of the excitement that is about to come your way over the next month. Wild Card Weekend will feature six games over three days and with the weather sub-zero across the boroughs, it’s the perfect time to bunker down, order in, open up a cold beverage and see what the best of the NFL has to offer.

The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Green Bay for the second straight year. The Packers have been terrific all season, Aaron Rodgers despite the bizarre storylines attached to his 2021 has been better than ever. After losing in the NFC Title Game in back to back seasons, there is no excuse for the Packers this year. They are the best team in the NFC, they have the hottest quarterback, but who stands the best chance to beat them?

The defending champion Buccaneers have the greatest quarterback to ever play. You can never count out Tom Brady, but it’s not the same Bucs group from a season ago.

The Rams have a lot to prove and have a lot of high priced talent. Is Matthew Stafford ready to slay the beast and take down Rodgers who owned him for years from his Detroit Days?

The winner of the Niners/Cowboys matchup fascinates me. I think both teams are super dangerous and both could give the Packers serious problems. One of them will be home by the end of the weekend…

In the AFC, the Chiefs are the team to beat. They have the experience, they have Patrick Mahomes and their defense has rounded into form over the course of the season. That said, they are beatable.

The Buffalo Bills were their biggest threat in the AFC a year ago, this time around it’s the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans have home field, and they welcome back Derrick Henry, the most dynamic running back in the sport, just in time for next weekend. The Titans are well coached, tough and well-rounded. Plus they beat the Chiefs at home earlier this season.

They may be the # 1 seed, but they’re not trendy. My advice, get on the Titan Train.

With the arrival of legalized sports wagering to our great state, I’m looking forward to throwing a few bucks down on all of these games this weekend.

The Raiders getting 6 in Cincinnati? Where do I sign?

The Niners outright against the Cowboys. Love it.

And since we picked the Rams to win the Super Bowl back in September, let’s say Rams and Titans in La La Land come mid-February.

Let the games begin!!!

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