New GM, New HC, Do Giants Finally Have It Right?


It’s weird saying that a team that has two of the most iconic Super Bowl Victories in the 21st century has fallen on hard times. However, since the last time Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning held up the Vince Lombardi Trophy, that’s been the reality for the New York Giants. They’ve had one winning season since 2013 and since 2017 they have the worst record in the NFL. The once proud Giants in many ways have been reduced to a laughing stock over the past few seasons.

The Giants ownership finally realized, it’s time for a full fledged house cleaning.

I’ve been calling for the firing of Dave Gettleman basically since he was hired and the former head coach Joe Judge was collateral damage of the ineptitude of the former regime. The Giants had to say goodbye to both the former GM and Head Coach in order to get it right this time.

Eliminate the dysfunction.

Don’t put a GM and a Head Coach on different time tables like the franchise has done over the last eight seasons or so. With the hiring of Joe Schoen as General Manager and Brian Daboll as Head Coach, the Giants have something the franchise has not had in quite a while.

A united front.

Schoen who has spent the last few seasons working in Buffalo clearly made his point to ownership about who the next head coach of the franchise should be. Schoen wanted Brian Daboll and ownership signed off on the idea.

It’s the best news Giants fans have gotten in eight plus years.

The process in hiring both Schoen and Daboll was sound. Two guys from a top notch organization who are unified in what they want to do.

Schoen and Daboll are now tied at the hip for better or worse over the next few seasons. Despite the last eight years being so rotten, the fan base must have patience in these two men to get the job done. The Giants are in a terrible salary cap predicament and have significant uncertainty at the quarterback position. Despite the love fest for Daniel Jones over the past week, Jones has no more than the 2022 season to show what he is capable of doing for the franchise.

Most likely, the Giants will be drafting a quarterback in next year’s draft class.

It’s possible by the end of 2022 or maybe it’s the end of 2023, you’ll know if the franchise is finally headed in the right direction. The plan looks good, the hires look good, now it’s time to get down to business. The Giants have had plenty of dysfunction and plenty of losing over the last few years. I think Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll will put an end to that.

For Giants fans sake, they better…

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