Valley Cottage Teen Sentenced For Shooting Death of Chicago Man

Two years after his arrest, Collyer Goodman, of Valley Cottage, has been sentenced for Manslaughter in the Second Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. Goodman was originally charged after accidentally shooting and killing his friend Darien Brydie in the village of Nyack.

On August 23, 2020, Collyer Goodman was sitting in the rear right passenger seat of a vehicle, when he pulled the trigger on his loaded 9mm gun; the bullet traveled through the seat striking Brydie, who was in the front passenger seat. The victim was transported to Nyack hospital by his friends, but died minutes later from his injuries.

“I commend the professionalism and dedication by the detectives of the Orangetown Police Department on this investigation. On August 23, 2020, a young man’s life was tragically ended by a senseless act of gun violence. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Darien Byrdie, their lives will never be the same,” said District Attorney Walsh.

Goodman was sentenced on February 14, 2022, to 1-3 years incarceration on the Manslaughter in the Second Degree charge, to run concurrent to a term of 5 years incarceration of the Criminal Possession of a Weapon charge. The Rockland County District Attorney’s Office recommended the Court sentence the defendant to the maximum allowable sentence for both charges.

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