Young musician inspires others to make a difference

Devin Dwyer, better known to his fans as AK40DEVIN, is a multi-faceted videographer and musician who hopes to inspire others through his work. Dwyer created Sounds Sick Productions in 2015, shortly after graduating from North Rockland High School. Dwyer’s passion for capturing moments through the lens began when he was a young teen capturing video footage of shows at the Haverstraw King’s Daughter Library in Garnerville. Until 2019, Dwyer had only focused on buying a newer camera and the additional tools he needed to pursue his career; it was then he committed himself to expanding his young company’s offerings. 

Dwyer credits a handful of notable people who helped him reach his goals, including a former coworker from his high school days, Olger, who pushed him to break out of his comfort zone and   lent him the money to buy the camera gear he needed to start his own company. Another influential supporter is his current co-producer, Vedge, who began mentoring the young entrepreneur in 2016 after attending a few of his videography classes at the Haverstraw King’s Daughter Library. They became the best of friends. “All the knowledge that Vedge taught me – that’s just what I use to book my own shows, marketing, sending email, networking, etc.,” said Dwyer. He credits networking on social media for the many strong connections he has developed since then.

Dwyer with mentor Vedge.

During his interview with The Rockland County Times, the young father spoke of the importance of finding a balance in his life. “It can be hard while being there for my child at all times, but I believe finding balance is all about listening to yourself and being aware of when you’re doing too little or too much of something,” said Dwyer. He credits meditating and living in the moment as his way of coping with any anxiety that might weigh him down.  He also believes in the importance of inspiring others. “We’re lacking knowledge and inspiration, and I think that’s what I bring to the table,” said Dwyer.  “If I can do it, then you can do it, too— and I think that’s what people in society need.  How else do you know what adversity or opportunity is? It’s up to your mindset to define that,”

Since founding Sounds Sick Productions in 2015, Dwyer has expanded the record company’s reach by producing videos. He recently collaborated with luxury fashion designer Coach, as well as with   TikTok star Jaymmac, directing her latest music video, “Post Malone Proposal.” (Available on YouTube) You can also check out Dwyer’s own YouTube channel by visiting:

Photo of Devin Dwyer

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