American Colosseum Wresting partners up with Palisades Center to raise money for homeless

(Photo: Jess Warren)

On Saturday, March 26, the American Colosseum Wrestling (ACW), a sports attraction company, hosted by Kevin Clark, partnered with Palisades Center to provide a live fundraiser to benefit Blank-Fest, an organization dedicated to providing blankets for the homeless. 

Guests in attendance included former ACW champion, Kenny Bengal, former WWE NXT Superstar Bull James, villainous ACW Champion Dan DeMan, The Amazing Graysons, and Anthony Markos. SiriusXM radio host & former WWE/ECW superstar Tommy Dreamer also made an appearance. Additionally, history was made when Tina SanAntonio became the first Colosseum Women’s Champion. It was a crowded turnout for the event, as the four floors of the mall were flooded with fans and shoppers. The event also came in clutch with tons of additional entertainment, which included live music performances by NY-based Manic Kat records. 

Throughout the event, Blank-Fest representatives collected donations. Cofounders Chuck DeBruyn and Kenn Rowell just celebrated 25 years of their organization. Since its inception, Rowell estimates that Blank-Fest has collected over 10,000 blankets for the homeless, increasing every year. For more information on Blank-Fest, visit

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