RCC hosts both in-person and virtual job fairs: next virtual job fair in June

RCC event
(Photo: Janice Goldstein)

As the spring season rolls on in, so do new job opportunities in the Rockland County area. RCC just had their 23rd Annual Job Fair this past Tuesday on April 12, 2022 located at Eugene Levy Fieldhouse. Many faces showed up to discover nearly 100 companies with openings for part-time, full-time, entry-level, and professional positions all under the same roof.  Not only did RCC provide a job fair in person, but they also hosted their virtual job fair on April 13, 2022. 

Jason Tomlinson, the Outreach Placement and Career and Professional Development Coordinator of RCC, said “I think Rockland is suppose to be our community’s college, so we want to make sure that were the centerpiece in what’s happening and a resource for people to come out and know that they can get the things they need right in their own backyard.” 

“RCC is thrilled to offer students, alumni, employers, and the community the opportunity to engage in our in-person and virtual job fairs.  So many of our job seeking attendees have been adversely affected financially by the pandemic. Providing them with two platforms to network and be recruited by some of the top businesses in our community is invaluable. We know that both applicants and employers will benefit tremendously from these events,” says Joseph Falco, Executive Director of Student Success at RCC.

(Photo: Janice Goldstein)

“From a student’s perspective, it is important to attend the job fair so that you can network and see different job opportunities in your field of study. You can practice your interviewing skills and learn how to make a lasting impression on employers,” says Eesha Uddin, a Liberal Arts: Math & Science major on the Honors Track who is expected to graduate in May 2022. 

For links to all of RCC’s career and job resources, please visit: https://sunyrockland.edu/services/advising/career-advising/job-placement/. You may also reach out to Audrey Green-Hill at the Student Success Center at (845) 574-4538 or  you can email her at: agreenhi@sunyrockland.edu.

The support for employment in the Rockland area isn’t over just yet, . There will be another upcoming virtual job fair on June 8 from 11:00AM-3:00PM. So, if you didn’t have a chance to attend both fairs. For more information about the virtual job fair, please visit: https://sunyrockland.edu/event/virtual-job-fair-06-2022/

(Photo: Janice Goldstein) County Executive Ed Day speaking at the event

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