County Gas Sales Tax Cap to Take Effect: Gasoline Sales Tax Capped at $2 Through February 2023

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr. remind residents the local sales cap tax on motor fuel, which is capped at $2 per gallon, goes into effect tomorrow, June 1. The change means local sales tax will only be applied to the first $2 of a gasoline purchase.

Inspectors from the Rockland County Office of Consumer Protection have been and will continue to survey gas stations to make sure these savings are factored into pricing at the pump. While gas prices are fluid, inspectors expect all 66 fuel stations in Rockland County to comply with reducing their tax collection at the pump.

“We hope this temporary stopgap measure provides some relief to families who are now struggling with skyrocketing inflation and gas prices, but we need the federal government to step up, take responsibility, and tackle the real issues driving up costs across the board,” said County Executive Ed Day

The 2022 New York State Budget provides a suspension of the state excise and sales taxes, providing a combined 16 cents per gallon savings to consumers from June 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.

To provide additional savings to Rockland County families, the County Executive and County Legislature capped the local sales tax on motor fuel at $2 per gallon effective June 1, 2022, through February 28, 2023, two months longer than New York State’s tax suspensions.

 “We are all feeling the pinch as the prices of everything have increased, but people still need to get to work, take their kids to school and summer camp, go to the doctor and grocery shop. They need to put gas in their car and hopefully this will bring some relief to Rockland County families,” Said Chairman Jay Hood Jr.

At the current price of gasoline, this cap will generate approximately 8 cents in additional savings for consumers which, when coupled with state tax suspensions, should result in an estimated 24 cents in relief at the gas pump starting this summer.  Consumers should be aware that these savings only impact taxes and not wholesale pricing for gasoline, which is likely to continue rising due to several factors including increased prices in crude oil and higher demand by consumers.

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