Can You Drive With a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri?

Amendment two, passed in 2018, legalized medical marijuana in Missouri. The amendment allows people with a debilitating medical condition to get a state-issued ID card to buy and use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, there is still some confusion about whether or not it is legal to drive with a medical marijuana card in Missouri.

Can You Drive With a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri?

The state of Missouri allows people with medical marijuana cards to drive. The only caveat is that they cannot drive while under the influence of marijuana. If a person is stopped by law enforcement and found to be driving while impaired, they can be arrested and charged with DUI.

You must comply with the Missouri Medical Marijuana laws to keep your driver’s license. That includes not driving while impaired. If caught driving while impaired, you will lose your driver’s license.

Always carry your medical marijuana card when your medicine is in the car. Not every citizen is allowed to carry marijuana in their vehicles. Only those with a valid medical marijuana card are authorized to do so. Carrying your card every time you drive saves you the hassle of getting pulled over and having to explain yourself to the police.

In case you lose your card, you can get another medical marijuanas card online MS. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need to provide your personal information, medical history, and proof of residency. Once you have completed the online application, you can print out your medical marijuana card and use it the same day.

The law restricts medical card holders from carrying more than eight ounces of marijuana in their possession. This is equivalent to two months’ supply. Caregivers of medical marijuana patients can possess up to eight ounces per patient.

Do’s and Don’ts of Driving with a Medical Marijuana Card

Even if you are a registered patient with a medical marijuana card in Missouri, you must follow certain rules when it comes to operating a vehicle.

1. Stay Sober

Always remain sober when driving. If you must drive, ensure that you are completely sober before getting behind the wheel. Alternatively, someone else can drive you to prevent getting pulled over. Do not drink and drive or use drugs and drive.

2. Lock Your Marijuana Safely

Use odor-proof containers to store your medical marijuana. The containers ensure that your medical marijuana is not easily accessible to children and animals. It also helps to prevent the smell of marijuana from permeating your car. If the police officer smells marijuana, they may search your car and arrest you even if you have a medical marijuana card.

3. Obey Traffic Rules

Obey all traffic rules and regulations when driving. This includes things like wearing a seatbelt, obeying the speed limit, and coming to a complete stop at stop signs. A medical marijuana card is not a license to break traffic laws.

4. Don’t Carry More than Required

You are only allowed to have up to eight ounces of cannabis. Do not carry more than the limit to avoid trouble with the law. If you have more than eight ounces, it is best to keep it home and only take what you need for the day. When caught with more than eight ounces, the police will assume the extra quantity is for the person you are with. If they lack a marijuana card, they could face charges of drug trafficking, which is considered a felony in Missouri.

5. Don’t Carry Expired Drugs

Carrying expired medical marijuana is illegal. Always check the expiration date on your medical marijuana before leaving home. If caught, you may face charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Bottom Line

Before using or driving with your medicine, you must understand the Missouri medical marijuana laws. These laws are in place to protect both cardholders and the public. Violating these laws can result in serious penalties, including jail time. If you have any questions about the law, speak with an attorney specializing in medical marijuana law.

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