OBC Reaches Resolution in Country Village Towers Lawsuit

Rockland County and the owners of the Country Village Towers Apartment Complex in Spring Valley report that they have reached a resolution of their dispute. By way of back- ground, the County after assuming oversight of the Village of Spring Valley Code Enforcement functions charged the owners and managers of the Country Village Towers including Village Towers Corp., NBM Management, LLC, and Weinreb Management, LLC., owned by Jacob Weinreb, with numerous alleged violations of the NYS Uniform Code. During the course of the ensuing hearing the parties were able to reach a resolu tion of the remaining alleged violations. Many of the open violations have been cured and under the settlement, the buildings’ owners will cure all remaining violations and pay a fine of $25,000.00.

The lawsuit challenged the administrative court Rockland County uses to prosecute fi re and building code violations and determine the fi nes issued against property owners. Admin istrative tribunals are utilized statewide to expedite the legal process compared to the traditional court system and are used by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Environmental Conservation, and many other state agencies. OBC will conduct follow-up inspections to confi rm any outstanding violations have been cured. The lawsuit fi led by the by the property owners grabbed
headlines earlier this year when County Executive Ed Day announced that he had written to Governor Kathy Hochul requesting the state’s support in defending the Offi ce of Building and Codes authority to issue fines. Despite ordering the County to assume responsibility for Spring Valley’s code enforcement in February 2022, the state government declined to involve itself in the dispute. Fortunately, their assistance proved unnecessary.

“We are working with ownership parties, including Weinreb Management, LLC to resolve any outstanding issues and they have diligently responded to the Notice of Violations. We’re
pleased that we were able to reach a resolution of this matter and ensure continued compliance with health and safety measures, including the Uniform Code within the borders of the Village of Spring Valley,” said Thomas E. Humbach, County Attorney.
“We’ve said countless times that compliance is our number one priority,” said Ed Markunas, Director of Offi ce of Build ings and Codes. “Reaching this agreement is a positive step forward in achieving that on behalf of the health and safety of residents, visitors and fi rst responders.”

The Office requests that the public submit complaints regarding Building and Code violations within the Village of Spring Valley to 845-364-3700 or by email to [email protected].

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